MoreLikeBlue: Pizza

2008-03-30 21:03:14 by Gobi

hey hey a new comic for ya . as always goto to see it fullvieweded

MoreLikeBlue: Pizza


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2008-03-30 21:10:03

I saw it and I loved it...

now to ask the forbidden question...


where's the next MLB flash?

Gobi responds:

iduno D: ill start looking for it !


2008-03-30 21:33:50

LOL! I am quite tickled!

Gobi responds:

equally loved your newest boredom dub :P


2008-03-31 00:22:35

My god, where have you been? I have been waiting for months for new comics and flashes, and now, when all my hopes are gone, and I stand here with a gun pointed at my head, depressed to point of suicide, you FINALLY give me some more MLB?







Well played, my friend; well played.

Gobi responds:

thats how i roll :P


2008-03-31 03:57:09

I luv u!


2008-03-31 16:29:28


It took me a few seconds to really understand it, but it's still funny.

I wonder what would happen if someone actually tried this.


2008-03-31 16:34:25

It's good to know you're alive, my friend. We were all becoming somewhat worried, but now it's ALL BETTER. :D I'm sure there's an epic tale to explain everything...but that can wait 'till another day.

-Peace out